TELESUN can provide broadband Internet access solutions for markets in MENA region. Our flexible solutions ensure the availability of services at very competitive prices. With no hidden costs, space segment, IP connectivity and customers support are all included in our IVS solution. Our DVBS2/SCPC broadband Internet access solution provides connectivity to tire-1 Internet backbone in Europe thanks to TELESUN partners and satellite broadband service providers, who offer the highest levels of quality and reliability in their network services..

Key Advantages

Dedicated bandwidth
Lowest round trip time to Internet backbone
From 64Kbps to 2Mbps outbound and 64Kbps to 20Mbps inbound


High speed Internet access, IP/VPN
VoIP, Video conference, Video streaming

Typical Remote Station Equipment

2W - 8W Ku-band transmitter
Standard DRO LNB
Antenna size from 120Cm to 240Cm
Indoor unit SCPC modulator with standard features QPSK, Viterbi coding
Standard DVBS2 receiver
Standard router with one serial port


Our Hub has been located in a European teleport

Eutelsat W2A Downlink Coverage Eutelsat 3C Downlink Coverage

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