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Using our complete portfolio, we provide our customers A-Z solutions from design to installation & commissioning.


We have formed relationships with most famous communication companies and network operators all around the world. In addition, our relationship with vendors of add-on systems such as Telephony and Video equipment and teleport service providers, ensure that our customers integrated solution works smoothly, letting them focus on their businesses. In accordance with this mission we have started partnership with Inmarsat to provide its reliable services in the region. In addition to satellite communication companies, we have started relations with solar panel manufacturers and enhanced our knowledge about design & installation of solar power stations.

Vision & Values


Every team which proceeds to establish an organization or company has specific goals that define its mission, regulations, methods organizational structure, and geographical - distribution. Generally, these targets are categorized as short-term, medium-term and long-term-goals.
Long-term goals are the projects an organization aspires to-obtain in its future vision-of the company, and ultimately, all activities and programs are tailored in order- to- achieve these final desired targets.
TELESUN company has foreordained its long-term target to become one of the main reliable poles-of fixed and mobile satellite telecommunication services, equipment, and turn-key project coordinators in the MENA region. Ideally, plans will be designed and executed in a way that guarantee obtaining this goal in a 5 year horizon.


When a group of individuals collaborate to reach specific goals, they develop common bonds and a consociation to pass this route, which undoubtedly is reflected in their shared values and principles.
Accordingly, the practice of defining these values, and the applicative conviction of all members of company to them, amplify the organization's intellectual and moral abilities which build on their experiential and educational capabilities.
On this basis, TELESUN company maintains specific principles and values that apply to all individuals with an interest in joining the organization.

These values include:

-Earning and developing practical knowledge as raw material for the company's commercial system, also known as the Knowledge principle.
-Utilization of necessary persistence to actualize potential knowledge within the diverse fields of projects in order to maximize revenue, also known as the Revenue creation principle.
Indeed, one of the most important principles in this company is organizational regularity.
Proper respect to regulations is I mandatory article that effects every aspect of company operations.
-The company also strongly emphasizes Professional Operation, Customer Care, Team Work, Humanism and Environmental Protection.


Although the company is a new establishment that has been founded in 2011, but all its investors, managers, engineers and other employees have a long experience in different aspects of VSAT technology and market for more than ten years.
Our sales and marketing guys have a strong technical background that enhances the relation between them and the customers and provides a good bilateral understanding to decrease the distance between customer's requests and their replies.
Furthermore, we have a strong technical team that is experienced in design, installation, support and maintenance of different fixed and mobile satellite networks based on miscellaneoustechnologiessuch as DVBS2/SCPC, SCPC/MCPC, TDM/TDMA and DVB/RCS. They have already installed various hubs and more than 1000 VSAT remotes in different countries in MENA region.

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