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Corporate Networking
Large companies such as banks can increase their presence in previously out-of-reach locations, giving them access to new customers, and can enhance the range and quality of their ... more
Distance Learning
Indeed, through the power of satellite broadband technology, we are able to provide the same level of training and education to urban and rural areas. That's the beauty of distance learning via satellite broadband... more

GSM Backhaul
As communications needs extend to ever remoter areas, the terrestrial infrastructure required to interconnect GSM networks does not always suffice. The limited infrastructure, however, remains a challenge to future growth... more
Rural Telephony
Many parts of the world lack telephone access. We have two solutions for rural telephony as below... more

The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) marketplace represents a fast growth industry and TELESUN product and services enables our customers to save time and money while increasing security. For more than 10... more
Tele Medicine
With the advent of Communication Technology, especially the Satellite Communications combined with Information Technology; we have meant to extend the benefits from the advanced medical sciences even to the remote and inaccessible areas... more

Video Conference
For meetings involving a larger group, or for those taking place in venues with little or no connectivity, satellite video conferencing is the ideal solution... more
Voice over IP
VoIP service allows telecommunications carriers and Internet service providers to offer VoIP with guaranteed quality of service, at lower start-up costs than circuit-switched technology. The services are ideal for communications carriers that ... more

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